Sunday 30 November 2014

AJE Component of the month - November

Good morning :) It’s component of the month reveal time again, and this month we got another gorgeous handmade component to design with. 

This time, it’s Kristen Stevens turn, and she gave us all a pair of cute little beaded rings. She makes the most amazing designs with the smallest beads, you can check out her shop here.

Yes, I forgot the photo, but I had 2 pairs! Hahaaaa!! So here’s what they look like, but for my design I used another colour…

Aren't they lovely? Originally, I was going to make a pair of earrings, after playing around with them, I thought they looked great as the centrepiece of some antique bronze rings I picked up from The Bead Shop Liverpool.

I tried to suspend them in the centre with copper wire… I knew exactly what I wanted them to look like, and it would have looked lovely, but it just wouldn’t work… after 4 attempts I gave up. Then it struck me, when I started out I used to make dreamcatchers. I grabbed some thin leather and wrapped the design in the centre and tied it off when there was a hole large enough to hold the beaded ring. I stitched the ring on to the leather. I added silver feathers with green seeds and brass cubes. The design isn’t particularly heavy, but I thought they would be too big for earrings, so I strung it as a pendant with flat leather. I’m not sure if this is still a work in progress, it looks to me as though it could do with a little more, maybe some leather tassels or something, I will keep thinking!

Thank you to Kristen for her brilliant component, it’s been great fun to revisit some old ideas!

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  1. How incredibly creative, what a wonderful idea it looks fab!

  2. This is lovely and I'd wear it as is - great colours too...!

  3. I love this just as it is! So, so clever and beautiful.

  4. Wow, that's just an awesome idea Caroline! I love it!

  5. Yummy yummy, I love dream catchers and this is stunning!

  6. Love how you used your component. I think it would be a great necklace.

  7. What a wonderful and unique way to use this component! I love it!

  8. I would leave it - I think its lovely as is. Theres such great texture interplay between the web and the seed bead pattern. Just one question - is the anything you cannot do! You're an inspiration.

  9. Beautiful suncatcher. Love what you did with your problem while still using that fabulous bronze ring.

  10. I LOVE this! Such a creative take on these rings. Very, very cool!

  11. I absolutely love this. What an innovative way to use Kristen's beaded links!

  12. I think your experiments with the copper wire led you to a brilliant design with leather, which works perfectly in your dreamcatcher - very organic looking. The ring fits perfectly in the center as a focal point. I like the feather dangles. I think it looks perfect the way it is. Really cool!

  13. I love that several of you had a similar idea, but executed your final pieces so differently! I would totally wear your necklace...I love something striking, that I can layer on with other necklaces and still have each one be interesting. Once again, I am intrigued by your use of leather cord!


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